57 Minute Miracle: A father in need

MICHIGAN — Our 57 Minute Miracle week of giving continues with a stop in Buchanon, Michigan.

This is how it works: Emily approaches someone at random asking them if they know of someone in need of a miracle. If they say yes, we get to give them 570 dollars! The only catch is, they have to be able to get our team there in 57 minutes. 

In our latest edition of 57 Minute Miracle, the time was spent tracking down Mark, a father of two children who lost his house in a fire. Things came down to wire in this episode, as Emily had but 3 seconds to spear when she was able to meet up with the recipient of our 57 minute miracle. 

Our crew was brought to Mark by Cindy, whom Emily met in the parking lot of Shoe Carnival in Mishawaka. Cindy received an email about Mark's loss, and although Cindy did not know Mark personally, she thought of him nonetheless and was able to help Emily find him. 

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