22-year-old South Bend man found guilty of reckless homicide

St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office: Jesstin Lottie

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - The St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office announced on Thursday, May 23, after a four-day trial, jurors found 22-year-old Jesstin Lottie, of South Bend, guilty of Reckless Homicide for the March 13, 2023, shooting death of 54-year-old Daniel Henderson, of South Bend.

Documents state after the verdict, Lottie acknowledged the associated felony firearm enhancement.

The sentencing range for Reckless Homicide is one to six years.

The sentencing range for a felony firearm enhancement is five to 20 years.

Lottie's sentencing is scheduled for June 20, at 10 a.m.

The affidavit states the charges came after South Bend Police responded to an apartment in the 4700 block of Belleville Circle in South Bend in reference to shots fired on or about March 13, 2023.

Officers' investigation indicated Henderson had been shot multiple times before later dying at the hospital.

Henderson was living at a local apartment with his girlfriend when he was asked to take his belongings and leave.

While Henderson was outside, he was approached by Lottie and a woman identified as Courtney O'Neal.

Lottie tried to take Henderson's possessions before a fight broke out between the three.

A witness told please they heard a loud noise from the fight.

Police later obtained a voicemail where Henderson can be heard asking someone to leave his belongings alone and put the gun down.

A voice, thought to be Lottie's, is then heard telling him he's going to get shot.

A voice consistent with O'Neal can be heard encouraging the fight.

Sounds of the fight are then heard before the line disconnects.

Foot tracks in the snow behind the apartment door leading away from the apartment were found and video surveillance from a neighboring apartment showed Lottie and O'Neal running through that area away from the scene.

Multiple pieces of physical evidence were also found at the scene.

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