1 on 1 with Hannah Hidalgo

NOW: 1 on 1 with Hannah Hidalgo

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Hannah Hidalgo reflects on her collegiate career as she continues to break records just 21 games into her first season.

Since the stunning win over UConn, Hidalgo has not only scored a career high 35 points, but she recently became the fastest to 500 points (521), while totaling 106 steals.

With those stats, the freshman has quickly become a household name and some may say she's one of the best in the country.

"I think everybody has their own opinion. Some people think I'm one of the best, and then others might think not. But you know, everybody has an opinion," Hidalgo said.

In such short time, Hidalgo's game has shown how great she is averaging 24.8 points, over 6 rebounds, 5 assists, and five steals.

" I didn't have any expectations. You know, coming into the game, I just, you know, I knew God would, you know, bless me, I didn't know how he would bless me. And I never thought it would be like something so great, as you know, what I've been doing recently, but I truly just think up for all the blessings," Hidalgo added.

It's been a treat to see a freshman suit up in Notre Dame's blue and gold colors and have success. Her passion for the game comes with her emotions and are encouraged by those around her.

"I give a lot of props to my coaches, and you know, my teammates, because they do a great job of just allowing me to be comfortable so that I can, you know, put up those numbers and my teammates do a great job of encouraging me and they want me to shoot. You know, they've allowed my defense and I know, makes it a lot easier for them. I know Sonia said, you know, my defense makes it a lot easier for her when I'm getting steals and you know, want to break and, you know, that's really our offense when we get stops and we're running in transition. it's really our game of basketball. You know, my coaches have instilled a lot of trust in me," Hidalgo said.

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