White House welcomes first rescue dog, Major

NOW: White House welcomes first rescue dog, Major

ELKHART, Ind. -- While yes today it is the “Inauguration” of president–elect Joe Biden, animal lovers nationwide are noting it is also the “In-dog-uration.”

The Biden family will be moving into the White House with his two German Shepherds, Champ and Major. Many are excited to have dogs back in the White House, and now Major will be making history of his own. Major was adopted back in November of 2018 from the Delaware Humane Association, and he will be the first rescue dog in the White House.  

For humane society’s here locally, the nation’s newest addition helps raise awareness for adoption.

“It is exciting. It is going to bring a lot of awareness to the dogs needing homes across the United States, says Janet Graham, Marketing and Outreach Manager of the Elkhart Humane Society. “I am hoping Major will be a great ambassador for shelter dogs. He is not a small dog. He is a bigger dog, and they can have a lot more energy. Hopefully, it is a great education overall for people.”

The Elkhart Humane Society has seen a spike in adoptions since the pandemic, but even so, a handful of animals still need adopted. Fortunately, the process is easy.  

You can visit their website here where you can view the animals online then schedule appointments to meet your new furry friend. Graham with the humane society says adoption is always a need.

“There’s so many in need, the COVID virus has been a great help in a way to getting a lot of dogs adopted since so many people have been home more, but there is always more in need,” says Graham.  

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