We’ve seen two snowy days now this season - how does this compare to what we saw last year?

Yesterday brought our second snow of the season with the first having been at the end of last month.

We didn’t see very much snow accumulation; 1 inch of snow was the number forecasted, and many areas saw right around that amount. Some closer to Lake Michigan saw a bit less than an inch, but areas further east in Michiana saw more, closer to and slightly above 2 inches.

South Bend recorded 1.1 inches of snow yesterday, adding to the 1.4 inches of snow from Halloween to make for an up-to-this-point seasonal snow total of 2.5 inches.

So far in meteorological Fall, which began September 1st, we would typically expect to have seen 4.2 inches of snow. Not only is our current Fall season snow below average, but this amount is nothing compared to what we saw by this time in last year's season.

Snow on the morning of November 20, 2022

November 2022 alone brought 7 days of measurable snow, totaling to 30.2 inches of snowfall, more than 2.5 feet. This impressive amount of snow didn’t exactly come in small doses either, 3 days brought 5 inches or more of snowfall.

Right now, we are nowhere near where we were at this point last year, and while we’ll see more snow tonight and tomorrow morning, it’s unlikely we’ll end up with seasonal totals far above average - that is, if we even reach the average at all.

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