Voter registration closes Tuesday, early voting begins Wednesday in Indiana

NOW: Voter registration closes Tuesday, early voting begins Wednesday in Indiana


October 11 is the last day to register to vote in the Indiana general election this November and early voting starts on October 12.  

The Elkhart County clerk, Christopher Anderson, who says the most important thing to do is make sure you are registered to vote.  

You can visit to check your status.

On this site, you can also register to vote, request mail-in ballots, find a polling location and learn more about who and what is on your ballot.

While there are some notable positions needing filled, including a US Senate seat and the special election to fill the seat of late congresswoman Jackie Walorski, there a number of smaller, yet mighty issues and offices that make a direct impact on our day-to-day. 

“Voting at the local level is probably the most important because those are the electors that touch you first, your county assessor, your county auditor, your county treasurer, your commissioners, your council,” said Anderson. 

Early voting is available to all Hoosiers, and it is important because it gives everyone a voice.  

There are a number of reasons you may vote early, like if you can’t vote on election day, you have a job that take you out of the county, you’re 65 or older, you care for someone with disabilities or you work the polls. 

As some may be unfamiliar with mail-in or early voting, it can raise questions about vote security. Are Hoosier votes secure? 

“We have very secure elections in the state of Indiana,” says Anderson. “We require photo ID when you vote in person. If you’re voting by mail, Elkhart County looks at signatures and matches those up at least three, if not, four or five times. Be assured that your ballot is secure, that your vote will be counted.” 

Early voting begins October 12 and ends on November 7 at noon. You can find your polling location and hours, check to see if you are eligible for mail-in voting and check your registration status online at

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