Three individual threats made within Lakeshore Schools over two days

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. – Three individual threats were made within Lakeshore Public Schools over the course of two days, the Lincoln Township Police Department reported.

Threat 1

Police said on December 2, they investigated a threat in which a student allegedly said he was going to “shoot up a school.”

The threat was not made to a specific school but the witness attended Lakeshore Middle School, according to police.

Investigators met with the juvenile who allegedly made the threat and the parents of the juvenile.

The juvenile said he was “only joking” when he made the threatening statement.

At the time of the investigation, there was no opportunity to follow through with the threat, police said.

Threat 2

On December 3, police got information that, in the last week, a Lakeshore Middle School student brought a realistic gun to school.

This weapon turned out to be a Co2 airsoft pistol, according to police.

Students saw the weapon on the school bus but it was not removed from the student’s bag on the bus or in the school.

Investigators interviewed the juvenile student and his parents.

The airsoft pistol was seized.

Threat 3

Lincoln Township police were notified on Monday, December 6, of a third threat.

A Lakeshore High School student allegedly made a threat to another student on December 2.

School officials were notified of the threat on Monday morning.

The school met with the parents of the student and the student was sent home.

Once law enforcement was contacted about the incident, officers went to the student’s house and spoke with the student and his parents.

The student said he was “joking” when he made the statement, according to police.

The threat was verbal and the investigation showed there were no plans to follow through with the threat, police said.

All three threats have been or will be sent to the Berrien County Prosecutor’s Office for review.  

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