String of car break-ins in Osceola, security cam catches suspect

NOW: String of car break-ins in Osceola, security cam catches suspect

OSCEOLA, Ind. --  We like to go to bed at night, thinking that our cars, parked in our driveways or outside of our homes, are safe.

But one Osceola neighborhood, off of Ashwood Forest road, does not have that luxury.

More than seven people woke up Wednesday morning to find their cars had been broken into, all between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.

"Someone had broken into a car down the road from our house, so I checked our video cameras and at 6:06 this morning, our car was hit," says Rebecca Perdikis. 

From her security camera footage, she can see a man. He looks directly at the camera, moves his hood slightly to help cover his face, and proceeds to still try and get into their brand new truck.

This isn't the first time.

"We've gotten hit at least four times since we lives here," explains Perdikis.  They've only been in this neighborhood for about for years.

The last time was in April 2018. 

The thief ransacked the truck, taking the garage remote.

A few days later, the Perdikis' found their garage emptied out. 

"We found that there was probably about almost $2,000 worth of stuff stolen out of our garage," she says. "Our deductible is about $2,000, so it's kind of a lost cause, since we're out that money again. We do replace stuff eventually, but having to replace it time after time gets expensive."

She says, she's had enough, especially since this last time was while the neighborhood was wide awake.

"Last time it happened it was about 1:30 in the morning, which is a normal break in. But 6 a.m. when this all started?" explains Perdikis. "I just want some safety around here. There needs to be more patrols around here. We're so far out that they don't get out here as often."

And until this suspect is caught, Perdikis is staying vigilant. 

"We have cameras all throughout our house and two outback. We're trying to be proactive," she says. 

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