Saint Margaret's House hosts 23rd annual Winter Walk

NOW: Saint Margaret’s House hosts 23rd annual Winter Walk


South Bend, IND. --- The Saint Margaret's House of South Bend hosted its 23rd annual Winter Walk on Sunday. The walk is centered around showing support towards the women and children that struggle with poverty in the community. 

“It just allows people to be more aware of the hardships that the women go through here," says Saint Margaret's House volunteer, An Lu. "And I think it’s a great opportunity and a beautiful thing to do.”

Besides being the biggest fundraising event of the year, the walk has a deeper meaning. It symbolizes the way that most women in poverty seek out basic needs, by walking, even in frigid temperatures.

“We purposely walk in the coldest month during the year, in February, because so many women who come to the Saint Margaret’s House do not have reliable transportation," says Katie Elliot, Executive Director of Saint Margaret's House. "So they walk to us, or they take the public bus to us in all sorts of weather.”

In order to "walk a mile in her shoes", supporter walk one mile to the event. The walk takes people around the streets of downtown South Bend, starting at the County-City building and ending at the Saint Margaret's House.

Among the walkers were local organizations that have been walking for the cause for decades.

“Alpha Kappa Alpha Eta Mu Omega Chapter has been supporting the Saint Margaret’s House for over two decades, and so it is very near and dear to our hearts," says Breanna Allen, President of the Eta Mu Omega chapter. "The work that Saint Margaret House provides to the community, we love to be a part of that.”

Once walkers reached Saint Margaret's House, they were welcomed with homemade cookies and hot chocolate. They also got an inside look into what services they provide to guests on a daily basis. One of the highlights were the scarves that some of the women make by hand, then sell as a way to make money.

457 people came out Sunday to show that they are happy to support the cause, benefitting those struggling with poverty in South Bend.

We’re so happy that there’s so many people, even the people who ended up joining us virtually, we’re grateful for all of the people here," says Lu.

“I’m not surprised by the great turn-out today, because Saint Margaret’s House is a part of the community and people know and respect the work we do, and support it generously," Elliot says.

For more information on what Saint Margaret's House does for the community, or to make a donation, you can visit their website here.

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