St. Joseph County to appoint new health officer

NOW: St. Joseph County to appoint new health officer

SAINT JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- The St. Joseph County Health Department has announced their plans for hiring a new health officer.

They have appointed Michelle Migliore, a member of the health board, who will have to go through the St. Joesph Common Council in addition to the commissioners in order for her to be enrolled for this position. 

Migliore stated, "We want to keep the ship bright because I think we have really great people in the department, great people in place, strong leadership, we're going to really lean on them to continue providing leadership and their departments so that they can help us find what the needs of the community and meet the needs of the community as well as educate them."

In addition to handling the signing of birth certificates and abatements, Migliore will also be in charge of making sure that all 12 departments have the necessary tools, equipment, and personnel needed in order to run smoothly.

She will also be consulting patients, clinics, and members of the public with any health-related questions.

Once she steps down as a member of the council, the earliest she will be able to begin her role is June 4.

"I have a familiarity with the community and an idea of the needs of the community at large and know people that can help us achieve a healthier community," said Michelle Migliore. 

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