Rock Steady Boxing fights against Parkinson’s at eighth Birthday Gala

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Saturday evening was the biggest fundraiser of the year for Rock Steady Boxing gyms in Elkhart and South Bend.

They raised more than 20,000 dollars for the non-contact boxing inspired fitness program, designed for folks fighting Parkinson’s disease.

The program stared in Indianapolis in 2006 and has grown into 816 gyms internationally, including 70 fighters across 2 gyms in Michiana that work out three days a week.

The workout came to town in 2016 and has grown exponentially from their original three fighters.

They believe exercise is the best medicine for the 1.5 million people diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disorder across the U.S.

“Exercise for Parkinson’s diseases is as important as your medication, so it needs to be part of your regular routine to fight back against your Parkinson disease and it’s scientifically proven to show, improve quality of life, decrease balls, better balance, and better agility, which keeps people with Mark out in the community doing what they love,” said Keynote Speaker Rock Steady President Ryan Cotton.

And that no one should step into the ring against Parkinson’s alone.

“It’s exercises they could do at home, but they don't get the benefit of the support of others who are in the same boat they are and just magic to see that work in a gym,” said one of the volunteers who helped bring the one-of-a-kind program to Michiana, Phil Miller.

To learn more or donate you can visit Rock Steady Boxing of Michiana website.

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