Rep. Rudy Yakym on standby for debt limit vote

Congressman Rudy Yakym is back in Indiana for the Memorial Day weekend but could be called to Washington any minute.

"We were informed on the House floor by our Majority Leader, Steve Scalise, that we should be on standby with 24-hours' notice to return," Rep. Yakym said. 

Return to raise the debt limit, that is. 

With no bill to vote on, lawmakers left DC for the weekend. But negotiations over the debt ceiling are expected to continue between the White House and Republican leaders. Conservatives in the House, including Rep. Yakym, want to see sweeping cuts to federal spending before voting to avoid a default on the national debt. 

"I am encouraged to see that we are actually talking with the President that he has finally come to the negotiating table, and that we're having this discussion as we've wanted for the last 100 days," Yakym said. "Just wish it wasn't so last minute, but I'm glad that we're finally here."

Friday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told Congress the country could run out of money to pay its bills by June 5. 

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