Rain late tonight, yields to a fair weekend

NOTHERN LIGHTS:  A strong G4 Geomagnetic storm will make viewing the aurora possible. However, while the space weather conditions are promising, the terrestrial weather conditions are unfavorable with clouds increasing after sunset at 8:53 PM.

A fair Mother's Day weekend is in the forecast. The only rain Saturday is in the early morning and should finish before sunrise. The clouds break, the sky will be sunny through the weekend. Saturday is cool, and Sunday is milder. Next week a round of thundershowers is likely Monday afternoon, with rain continuing into Tuesday. Wednesday might be the one fair day next week, before another round of rain Thursday through Saturday morning. 

Tonight: Rain late. Low 48.

Saturday: AM showers, mostly sunny after. High 64.

Sunday (Mother's Day): Mostly sunny. High 76.

Monday: PM T-showers. High 76.

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