Public forum hosted by John Glenn High School students

WALKERTON, Ind. - John Glenn High School students hosted a public forum with the Republican candidates running in the Third District for St. Joseph County Commissioner.

Current commissioner, Tony Hazen and candidate Tom McCormick took part while Maggie DeMaegd did not attend for personal reasons.

Issues from transparency in government, infrastructure, to tax policy were discussed.

Seven high school students in an AP Government class put on this event doing everything from contacting the candidates, to coming up with the questions.

Those students are now encouraging other young people to get involved in the civic process. 

John Glenn High School senior Landon Johnson, one of the hosts at Thursday night's forum, says he was honored to facilitate the discussion, letting the public know what these candidates are about.

“Being able to reach out to local people in our communities and teach them about what's going on is very important," said Johnson.

Current County Commissioner Tony Hazen, who was appointed to his position, says his three main priorities if elected are government efficiency, crime, and infrastructure.

Hazen was excited to learn that this entire forum was set up by students. 

"I’m a firm believer that local government impacts our daily lives more than anything, it's important to vote from 18 on. I've been voting since 18 and I've never missed one," said Hazen.

Candidate Tom McCormick says his priorities are community relations, providing good wages, transparency, and efficiency of the government.

McCormick, an alum of John Glenn, hopes the forum encourages students to vote.  

“Get involved so you have a voice, don't lay along the sidelines and then all you do is complain about it. If you get involved and get engaged you have a voice," said McCormick. 

Even though not every student at the forum is old enough to vote, current Indiana law allows 16 and 17-year-old high school students to work as poll workers on election day.

The Indiana primary is May 7.

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