Poppas in the Park celebrating Father's Day

NOW: Poppas in the Park celebrating Father’s Day

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Families gather today, June 16, at Southeast Neighborhood Park to celebrate Father's Day with Poppas in the Park.

They had activities including a bouncy house, music, local vendors, and even free food and drinks.

"I think shining the light on the fathers who are the strength, and the backbone of a family is equally if not more important than mother sometimes. So yeah, we're with the kids all the time. But the dads, make sure that the stability is there. And I don't think we give them enough credit," says Michael Boyd the organizer of today's event.

Families from all around the community came together to celebrate, with kids even gathering to play kickball and have fun at the playground. 

"It's a blessing to be a father. And everybody's not given that opportunity. You have people that are mentors, coaches, and they operate in, you know, Legacy of fatherhood. So, one of the fathers are protectors, providers, provide wisdoms," says Boyd.

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