Pete Buttigieg previews Democratic National Convention speech in one-on-one interview

NOW: Pete Buttigieg previews Democratic National Convention speech in one-on-one interview

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Former South Bend Mayor and 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is set to speak at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night.

Ahead of the convention’s final evening of programming, Buttigieg previewed his speech in a one-on-one interview with ABC57’s Tiffany Salameh.

The former mayor will give the speech at the virtual convention from South Bend, though he did not say specifically where.

Buttigieg discussed what he’s looking forward to about speaking at the convention and even a possible position in a Joe Biden- Kamala Harris administration.

Tiffany Salameh: What are you looking forward towards speaking at tonight‘s convention?

Pete Buttigieg: Looking forward to an opportunity to explain why it’s not just important to move away from the Trump administration, away from the chaos, the division, but what we’re moving towards. I think it is very important for Democrats to talk about what it is we’re for, not just what it is we’re against. We have an amazing moment even as dark and troubled and challenging as this moment is, it’s also I think a unique opportunity.

Salameh: You’ve been campaigning hard for Joe Biden since you suspended your presidential run, why is that?

Buttigieg: I got into the presidential race because I thought it was so important to bring the party and the country together and to do everything I could to defeat Donald Trump. Those same things that motivated me to get in the race when I was a candidate are also what’s motivating me to do everything I can to make sure that Joe Biden is elected. This is truly the election of our lifetimes. Decency is on the ballot and in many ways, democracy is on the ballot.

Salameh: Now Indiana is only one of eight states that will not accept COVID-19 as an excuse to vote by mail in the 2020 election. What is your message to Hoosiers who might still be fearful to hit the polls?

Buttigieg: Well, first of all, I think that was the wrong decision. Indiana should have made it easy for everyone to safely vote by home. And by the way, there’s nothing new or ineffective about voting by mail. It’s how I did it when I was in Afghanistan, it’s how the President and Vice President Pence did it this very year and we did it right here in Indiana for the primaries. We should do it in November.

Salameh: I just have one last question for you Mayor Pete, what would you say to a cabinet position in the Biden-Harris administration?

Buttigieg: Of course I would love a chance to return to public service but first we have to make sure there actually is a Biden-Harris administration. And that’s why I’m working so hard doing everything I can to make the case because we really need to call out to everybody, to every  part of the country, to people no matter how devoted in the past, this is the time for change.

The final night of the Democratic National Convention begins at 9 p.m. It can be watched on or on ABC57 starting at 10 p.m.

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