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Over 200 new items added to the South Bend Cubs Den store

The Cubs Den Team Store at Four Winds Field will be fully staffed to handle the large crowds on the South Bend Cubs' opening night.

Merchandise Manager Mary Lou Pallo says they have something for everyone - men, women, even your dog.

Employees have been stocking the Cubs Den with heaps of new South Bend Cubs gear.

“We brought in some really cool new pieces this year," Pallo said.

Pallo has been getting ready for the home opener since closing day last year.

She works to cover all of her bases.

“We listen to our fans. I mean, it’s what they want. They’re the ones who are going to come in and shop," Pallo said.

Ladies - you asked, and Pallo delivered.

With sleek zip-ups, to pink sweatshirts, new graphic tees and functional cold weather gear, you’re guaranteed to put your most fashionable foot forward at Four Winds Field this season.

“We do have women’s jewelry this year as well. So we did a couple of earring pieces and a couple of really cute necklaces," Pallo said.

Don’t worry guys. Pallo says she’s taking care of you too.

After a brief hiatus, Nike- is back this year.

“We brought in the t-shirts, Dry Fits, we brought in long-sleeved tees. A lot of people like those under the jerseys," Pallo said.

“We brought in a boys and girls shirt with Stu on it this year," Pallo said.

They've added new merchandise to the kids' line.

“We brought in a boys and girls shirt with Stu on it this year," Pallo said.

They also added a pet line this year.

Whether you bring your kids or your dog, everyone should be able to root for the home team in comfort and in style this season.

“Hopefully we have everything everybody is looking for," Pallo said. "And if not, I’ll get it. I’ll do my best.”

Although the Cubs Den has mostly cold-weather gear in stock right now, Pallo says she expects to have a lot of that warm weather gear, like t-shirts and tank tops on store shelves by the end of May.

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