Notre Dame vs. Ball State: Irish take the win

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Notre Dame fighting Irish took on the Ball State Cardinals on Saturday afternoon.

First Quarter

Notre Dame was quick to make moves, putting points on the board just minutes into the first quarter. 

After just 5 plays on offense, wide receiver and running back, Jafar Armstrong for Notre Dame put the ball in the end zone.

The score was 7 - 0 in favor of the Irish.

Ball State made their first points with the help of punter Morgan Hagee & crew. His fieldgoal attempt was good and Ball State lowers Notre Dame's lead.

Notre Dame 7, Ball State 3.

Second Quarter

A pass from Ball State's quarterback, Riley Neal proves unlucky for the Cardinals.

The pass was tipped by Notre Dame's safety, Jalen Elliott, and picked up by the Irish.

The Irish snag their second touchdown of the game with the help of running back Tony Jones Jr.

Notre Dame picked up another 7 points making the score 14 - 3. 

Ball State's punter Hagee came in with a 23-yard field goal attempt. 

The kick was good and Ball State doubled their score from 3 to 6. 

The score: Notre Dame 14, Ball State 6 at the half.

Third Quarter

Notre Dame's Elliott came away with his second interception of the game after a pass by Ball State's QB, Neal.

Jones Jr. went up the center and into the endzone for an Irish touch down.

Notre Dame leads 21-6.

The Irish attempted a 46-yard field goal on 4th down.

The kick was good and Notre Dame leads 24-6.

Fourth Quarter

Ball State proved they were still in the game with a passing touchdown from Neal to Nolan Givan.

Hagee's kick is good and the Cardinals move up to 13 points.

Ray Wilborn got an interception, and Ball State gets the ball back.

4th and 11 for Ball State and Hagee got another chance to kick, but it was no good. 

Hagee's next 49-yard field goal attempt was good and Ball State moves up to 16 points.

Notre Dame held off Ball State to claim victory. 

Final score: 24 - 16 Notre Dame. 

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