Notre Dame fans react to Marcus Freeman's promotion to head coach

NOW: Notre Dame fans react to Marcus Freeman’s promotion to head coach

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame made the announcement that Marcus Freeman is the new Head Coach, taking over just days after Brian Kelly left the position for a $95 million contract at LSU.

“This last week has been harrowing for everyone," said Rory Jasper, a senior at the University of Notre Dame. "But I think there’s a sigh of relief, especially with the football team.”

The players are excited by Freeman taking the top spot. In a video posted by Notre Dame Football's official Twitter account, the players erupted into cheers upon the announcement. 

The fans too, are thrilled by the decision. 

Harold Brazier, a Notre Dame fan whose daughter graduated from the university, said "“I think he’s just—he’s a good fit for it, and I think he’ll do well.”

Freeman was hired earlier this year as Defensive Coordinator, and fans have noticed the impact he's made on the field and the loyalty he's inspired in his players and staff-- some of whom took to social media to express their support for him in the position, days before any official announcement from Notre Dame.

“I think it’s one thing to have your players holding your back for or fight through a wall for you, and I think that’s extremely important when you’re trying to cultivate a great program,” said Jasper.

Richard Mazzei, a longtime Notre Dame fan and rector at O'Neill Family Hall, expressed his feelings on Freeman's promotion.

“It’s really so exciting for Notre Dame.," he said. "The young men that play in the program absolutely love him-- they love playing for him.”

And fans believe that under Freeman's leadership, he could very well take Notre Dame to a National Championship.

“The sky’s the limit for Notre Dame’s football team," said Jasper. "And I even think now, that Notre Dame is gonna make it to the playoffs and having him win his first playoff game, I think will be tremendous.”

“I’d love to see him make the playoffs, that’d be so awesome,” Mazzei said. “He has Notre Dame behind him, he has the student body behind him, and I think it’s only going forward from here, and I’m just so excited for Notre Dame.”

And fans are also thrilled that Freeman's strong leadership may bring in more recruits, keeping Notre Dame's roster strong in the seasons to come.

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