Northern Indiana selected to host international Big Balloon Build for charity

SAINT JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. --Fun by The Yard out of South Bend has partnered with the Big Balloon Build to bring an immersive experience to the community. 

Fun By The Yard owner Jennifer Nyikos applied to bring the Big Balloon Build to Northern Indiana. She said the once-in-a-lifetime experience took two years to plan.  

“We’re showcasing what can be done with balloons. When some people think of a balloon, they think of a balloon on a string or a balloon dog, but to see something on this scale, it’s never coming here again. You got to come see it to believe it,” Nyikos said.  

80 of the world’s best balloon artists will be coming to the Northern Indiana Event Center to build an immersive balloon carnival that will feature tightrope walkers, a giant Ferris wheel and a fun house.  

Brazil native Dante Longhi, who owns a shop in New Jersey, is among the talented artists contributing to the Big Balloon Build as a guest designer. Longi is thrilled to see the final creation. 

“It makes me really proud because among a lot of instructors and professionals, they chose me and it makes me feel really good,” Longhi said.  

This marks the fifth occurrence of the event in the United States. Guest builder Denise Chresos, owner of Flower and Balloon Gallery from Indiana, Pennsylvania, formed a fast friendship with Nyikos years ago. She's delighted to support her close friend and will host the next event in her hometown. 

“I’m really happy to be here and support her and just do my best to create the best that I can out of the balloons that were given. I’m just happy that she’s getting to host this because I know she’s really excited about it,” Chresos said.  

A gala for adults is scheduled for the 26th, preceding the public opening of the build on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th, followed by a popping party. All proceeds from the event will benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of Michiana. 

“People are leaving their businesses behind, coming to on their own time to give back to the community, to give to Ronald McDonald House, to stand by me and put this on for our community,” Nyikos said.  

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