Niles wraps up restaurant week

NOW: Niles wraps up restaurant week


NILES, Mich.—

The city of Niles is wrapping up their restaurant week, but local businesses old and new are feeling the support.

Over a dozen businesses participated, including Prime Table, who has been serving the community since 1993.

The family run, local favorite spot, was glad to take part in the deals,

“Niles restaurant week started a few years ago and it's been becoming more and more popular every year…so were very happy to participate, every year, we do see a lot of new people… new faces…that turn into long term costumers,” said owner Bill Giannakakis.

A new option was available this year as well, Downtown Niles Cafe, celebrated not only their first restaurant, but their first week in business. Paul Salinas-Moranchel and his father opened their doors to the public this Monday. The father son duo took a big risk, leaving their jobs in the service industry, and told ABC57,

" …we took that chance we gambled..and were very lucky to have succeeded so far--in our first week, like I said a lot of positive feedback from the community, a lot of support, I've already had regulars”.

He broke down why a little support goes such a long way for these local businesses,

“all the hard work that goes into these restaurants…is because of the families and the workers that make it possible".

Restaurant week may be over this year, but it's never too late to support local businesses.

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