Locals react to eclipse as seen in Michiana

NOW: Locals react to eclipse as seen in Michiana

BREMEN, Ind. -- Millions across the country turned their eyes to the skies Monday afternoon for the Great American eclipse.

While many portions of southern Indiana were in the complete path of totality where the sun was fully enveloped by the moon, the eclipse was still more than 97% visible in Michiana.

Many Bremen residents celebrated the rare event by going to the aptly-named Sunnyside Park, which provided plenty of open space to view the eclipse.

Families set up picnics, small viewing parties or simply stood out on their stoops to witness the once-in-a-lifetime event.

The Wheatbrook family expressed how excited they were to show their children the eclipse as it happened and how happy they were that traveling wasn’t a necessary part of visiting the eclipse in full.

“I feel super lucky to be here in Indiana and not have to travel too far this time. Last time we traveled so it’s good to be here in our hometown, in our home state, and be able to experience it.” said Jamie Wheatbrook.

The next visible solar eclipse is set to occur in 2033 and will likely best be seen in Russia and Alaska.

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