Local girl selling positivity notes for charity

GRANGER, Ind.-- The power of positivity--just a little bit can go such a long way.

For 6-year-old, Atley Uranker, she decided to harness these good vibes to share with others in her local community.

It all started Monday morning after Atley wanted to do or make something to share with others.

“Well so I was outside and I was pretending like I was doing something and then I asked my dad and he said," said Atley Uranker to her dad, Nick Uranker who replied, “You know what if we more gave something that made somebody smile, why don’t we try to make somebody smile today?”

In the beginning she really wanted to give out coffee to her neighbors with the families new coffee maker or maybe make a lemonade stand.

After talking through things with her dad, they decided positive notes might be the way to go.

"Cause my dad said do you want to do something that helps people and I said sure," said Atley.

So $18 later, cards, jolly ranchers, and sweet messages like, “Shine your light bright and have a jolly day," in tow, Atley and her older sister Jada set up shop.

“We we’re in the front yard by the road," said Atley with their table, chairs, dancing shoes and a simple message.

“Positive gifts! One dollar! Positive gifts one dollar!” the girls would yell as they were selling their notes in their Brendon Hills neighborhood.

A mission that kept the girls busy.

“They were out there for 3 or 4 hours and we only stopped because she had to- she had soccer practice," said Atley's father, Nick Uranker. "So I am just happy to see that it wasn’t a 20 minute— she loved what she was doing.“

After seeing the immediate impact as Atley made $93 in one four hour sitting, Atley's father, Nick, saw potential.

“I realized this is something bigger," said Nick. "And I asked her if she would like to find a charity of her choice and donate to it and she was like yeah!”

A message well received by the community.

“Some people said I like what you’re doing and like that you're doing this and they just said here you go we don’t need anything and they just gave money," said Atley.

After some research, Atley decided on her own to give her 3-day-total earnings of $645, received from in person customers as well as supporters across the country who saw he online message, to A Rosie Place for Children.

“Cause I like that they help the kids and stuff and thought it would help a lot," said Atley.

Wednesday afternoon, just 3 days of fund raising later, Atley and her family drove to A Rosie Place to give the her donation in person!

When she arrived, A Rosie Place gave her a tour so she could understand just where her hard earned money was going to go.

It will be helping medically fragile children enjoy a special night with their friends and caretakers at no cost to the child's family.

“I hope it like helps them with the kids and stuff so they can get what they need and stuff," said Atley.

Atley said she hopes to continue doing positive things to brighten other peoples days in the future.

She also hopes to go back and visit A Rosie Place and their residents once things open back up.

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