Local advocates promote change through yard signs

NOW: Local advocates promote change through yard signs

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Inspiring change through yard signs.

That’s how the local advocacy group S.A.V.E. (Stand Against Violence Everyday) is working to make the South Bend community a safer place by encouraging peace in the streets.

It’s something the group says is more important now than ever for the community to see.

“There are so many things that pull away from the idea of community and kind of force us into these boxes where we end up on opposing sides, or almost as adversaries,” explains Mychael Winston, Director at S.A.V.E. “We’re looking to tear down those boxes.”

Winston and the team behind him at S.A.V.E. are advocating for a community with less violence and more understanding.

That’s why the yard signs, all 100 of them, serve as a reminder for South Bend residents to simply show peace to each other.

“So let this just be something, if you’re riding down the boulevard and you see this sign, then maybe you turn on a side street and you see the sign again, then something about it begins to register,” Winston says. “Peace in the streets.”

It’s a message endorsed and encouraged by Mayor James Mueller.

“Showing that we can come together, we can have peace here in our neighborhoods, in our city; it’s important that we share that message, that we share that message as broadly as possible,” says Mayor James Mueller.

Having peace in the streets, Winston says, is just one aspect of S.A.V.E.’s mission, with an overarching goal for everyone to be the best version of themselves.

“It’s our mission to empower people, help for basic needs to be met, engage in people in times of trauma and give them access to resources that they need to be able to do better,” says Winston.

You can be apart of the change! S.A.V.E. is hosting one of their Pop-outs tomorrow at Kelly Park at 5:30; it’s a chance for the community to relax, grill out, and just enjoy time together.

Winston encourages anyone that wants to fight violence with S.A.V.E. to simply reach out via their Facebook page.

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