Kosciusko County Councilwoman charged with Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated

Kosciusko County

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. -- Kosciusko County Councilwoman Kim Cates has been charged with one count of Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated and one count of Operating a Vehicle while Per Se Intoxicated for an incident that occurred on S.R. 13 near N. Grandview Drive on March 9 of this year. 

Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office Deputy Todd Eby says he was on duty, in a fully marked patrol car, heading north on S.R. 13 just north of North Webster when, at around 11 p.m., he saw a white sedan in front of him weaving within its lane and frequently crossing the fog line with both passenger side tires going completely over the fog line.

Deputy Eby continued to follow the sedan for roughly five miles before turning on his lights and making a traffic stop at the intersection of S.R. 13 and N. Grandview Drive.

"I noticed the driver had slurred speech and appeared to me to be somewhat confused," Deputy Eby said. "I asked her if she had been drinking. She told me that she had, in fact, had a couple of drinks. She then stated that she had been at an event in North Webster and had two beers."

While back at his patrol car, dispatch advised Eby that the driver's license was suspended.

"I asked [Cates] if she was aware that her license had been suspended. She informed me that it was not suspended," Deputy Eby stated. "While explaining to me what had happened, Cpl. Kyle Denton arrived on scene. Cpl. Denton began talking to with [Cates] and took over the investigation. I completed a warning citation for unsafe lane movement."

The 57-year-old Cates was issued a field sobriety test which authorities say she failed.

"I attempted to offer [Cates] a portable breath test, in which she was unable to provide a sample," Cpl. Denton said. "I detained [Cates] in the front seat of my patrol vehicle and transported her to Lutheran Kosciusko Hospital to complete the legal blood draw."

Cates was not arrested, but instead taken to her home, pending the results of the blood draw.

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