Kem Krest opens new on-site health clinic for employees

NOW: Kem Krest opens new on-site health clinic for employees


ELKHART, Ind. -- “Anything that our team members can go to their primary caregiver for they can access right here at Kem Krest, right here onsite anytime for convenience,” says Lori Stanger, Chief Human Resources Officer of Kem Krest.  

Welcome to ‘Pulse.’ Hidden within the doors of Kem Krest’s Indiana location lies the on-site, full service health clinic.

In partnership with Beacon Health System, the clinic is absolutely no cost for team members and their families. The clinic includes full services for anything from preventative care, chronic care, vaccinations, women’s health care, or even COVID-19 screenings. The site also offers its employees and family member’s prescriptions, too.

While the need for health and wellness during the pandemic was an added incentive for Kem Krest’s newest addition, the on-site clinic has been a project for several years.

“The more connected we are to our community the more we realize access to high quality healthcare is difficult for some associates and often times we have single working parents who struggle to have that extra money to get high quality, preventative healthcare, so the more we saw the need the more we wanted to fill that need for our associates,” says Stanger.  

Kem Krest is a supply chain company that focuses on managing the chain for other large companies. In total, there are 10 locations nationwide. The headquarters, located in Elkhart, is the first to add in an on-site clinic. However, the supply chain company is hopeful to expand the option to its other locations.

In total, the company has around 600 full time associates. 300 of those who are based in Indiana. Considering the clinic serves these 300 people and their families, the company is hopeful to reach a large portion of the community.

This goal aligns with their overall values -- to leave an impact everywhere they go.

“It is so important for us to live out our core values, but impact is very important to us and not only impact on our customers and markets but also our associates but what a great way to do that for our associates giving them better healthcare,” says Stanger.  

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