Ironwood Village residents upset with snow removal efforts

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- People living in the Ironwood Village Apartments in Mishawaka say they're fed up with the slow, sometimes nonexistent snow removal efforts. Residents say parking lots and sidewalks are poorly shoveled and salted causing falls and cars to be stuck.

"Cars are getting stuck," said a resident who wished to remain anonymous. "There are several falls out here, my daughter has fallen twice getting on the bus."

ABC57 visited the complex after the resident's complaints and video surfaced of a man in a wheelchair struggling to get to his bus because of the snow on the sidewalk.

"I was very upset because it’s their responsibility to keep the sidewalks, bus areas, and everything else for the tenants clear," said the resident. 

Residents say complaints to management at the complex is either met with excuses or indifference.

"They don’t really say anything except they’re trying or they’re down to one maintenance worker," said the resident.

ABC57 has reached out to management at the complex but have not received an answer yet. 

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