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Indiana utility companies seeking to increase rates

NOW: Indiana utility companies seeking to increase rates

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Ten utility companies, including NIPSCO and Indiana & Michigan Power, filed a petition to raise their rates to compensate for their losses during the COVID-19, but it is being met with opposition.

NIPSCO and Indiana & Michigan Power are both regulated monopolies that serve the majority of the Michiana area.

The group that filed the petition is requesting state regulators to allow them to charge customers more in the future to make up for the financial losses incurred during the pandemic.

These losses largely relate to schools, factories and businesses shutting down and not utilizing energy.

The petition states: "Without the relief sought herein, the adverse financial impact of COVID-19 on Joint Petitioners would become permanent and would, in turn, adversely impact Joint Petitioners’ financial well-being."

ABC57 got a chance to speak with Kerwin Olson, Executive Director of the Citizens Action Coalition, about the petition and the impact rate increases would have on local communities.

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Terry 15 days ago
Screw those greedy A-holes. I hope people keep an eye on their bills.
Outlawwithguns 15 days ago
Key word. Monopoly. It's criminal to charge the people for your "loss". Hike up the rates that are already way to high as it it. Voting will be done by rich stock holders of our democratic community of Michiana. With 50+ years of doing what the hell they want. With no regard.They'll sure pass this while people struggle to make ends meet. That's the plan. Your broke. You rely on them. Now they tell you what you can and can't do. Wake up people. We're being led into a communist trap. They're positive they're in power at election. Vote Trump. Not because you like him. But to keep our country free!
MattKingsbury 15 days ago
what losses?people are still getting/paying bills,people are most likely paying a little more because staying home most of the time with tv's and computers,etc,etc staying on all day using more.
one more example of opportunistic greed,sitting in a board meeting talking about "how do we cash in on current events this month."
KevinCrisler 15 days ago
Greedy Corporate scumbags that only care about the almighty dollar.
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