Indiana U.S. Senator Mike Braun visits local restaurant owners

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Senator Braun visited South Bend to talk about COVID-19 relief efforts in Washington, including the push to raise the minimum wage up to $15 an hour.

Braun said the $1.9 trillion-dollar stimulus package proposed by President Joe Biden is too large.

Restaurant owners say even if Biden’s plan doesn’t pass as is, there is already another bill to help owners stay afloat.

"I asked the Senator about the Restaurant Act of 2021 which is a standalone bill outside of the $1.9 trillion-dollar relief package that President Biden, the Senate, and the Congress are trying to move through. That is a dynamic bill that ensures the good health of many restaurants for times to come. It's a good bill. We hope for its passage," said Mark McDonnell, Owner, and CEO of LaSalle Hospitality Group.

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