Indiana DNR has solar eclipse glasses for sale

PORTER, Ind. -- The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has announced they will be offering four-packs of eclipse glasses can be purchased for $10 in preparation for the April 8 solar eclipse that is expected to impact a large part of the state. 

"It’s time to prepare for the April 8 solar eclipse, during which the moon will completely cover the sun over a significant portion of Indiana, causing darkness at mid-afternoon," the DNR said in a release. "Because viewing the sun at any phase of the eclipse without proper eye protection can cause permanent eye damage or even blindness, the Indiana DNR is providing the opportunity to buy eclipse glasses."

The glasses are branded with the state’s eclipse logo and were purchased by the DNE from a vendor on the American Astronomical Society’s approved list. They have two-millimeter, scratch-resistant polymer lenses that filter 100 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays and have been independently tested to be safe for watching all phases of the eclipse.

Four-packs can be bought at for $10 each plus shipping and handling or at any Indiana State Park gift shop or property office either in four-packs or individual pairs for $3 each.

The DNR says commemorative eclipse logo T-shirts are also available online. The short-sleeve version costs $24.95, and the long-sleeve shirt costs $32.95, plus tax.

You can learn more about the eclipse here.

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