High gas prices impacting local food delivery drivers firsthand

NOW: High gas prices impacting local food delivery drivers firsthand

LAPORTE, Ind., --- Gas prices across the nation and here in Michiana have reached record highs including over $5.30 in LaPorte. The rapid rise has more people thinking about every trip especially local food delivery drivers.

Local food delivery drivers ABC57 talked to said they’ve even turned down jobs, because the price of gas is too high.

“People shouldn't be choosing between do I want to eat tonight or do I want to put gas in my car,” said local food delivery driver Jennifer Davis.

“We pay for our own gas and it can be tricky,” added Bob Walls, who’s also a local food delivery driver.

Drivers across Michiana felt the pain at the pump, including Walls, who’s a longtime driver for the local food delivery company “Dine In”.

Walls is self-employed and pays for his own gas.

“It’s changed a little bit in terms of how much percentage my profits do go towards the tank. I paid $60 just this morning for this little 14-gallon tank,” he said.

“I get my pay for door dash put on their dashed direct card, which also gives me 10% percent back, that helps but it’s not enough,” added Davis.

Experts at AAA said the Russian invasion of Ukraine has driven the hike, along with the typical increases during the summer season, and they believe the high prices are not going away any time soon.

“I drive up to 1,000 miles a week and so I have to be very careful about doing extra driving, extraneous driving,” added Walls.

Despite prices being about $2.00 higher on average than this time last year, experts still predicted a busy summer travel season.

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