Goshen College opens for Move-In Day

NOW: Goshen College opens for Move-In Day

GOSHEN, Ind. - Schools are slowly beginning their 2020-2021 school year. Friday, Goshen College took its first step in joining that trend. Friday saw the school's first day of move-in. Students were able to move in to their residence halls while also going through health screenings and picking up facemasks, all the while, maintaining social distance from each other. School officials staggered move-in times to limit the crowds of students moving in, keeping social distancing possible.

Officials said the excitement of a new year outweighed any nervousness about the pandemic.

"Well today is an exciting day," said Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students Gilberto Perez. "We're welcoming back students, and we are welcoming parents to the family and students to the family of Goshen College."

Some new students said they share that enthusiasm.

"I'm just happy to be here," Freshman Andrew Jhocson-Duvall said. "Moving into college, next step, what can you expect? I'm just having too much fun."

Returning students said the staggered start plan helped make move-in a bit easier and said the health and safety guidelines have helped put fears at ease.

"I was a little afraid," said second year student Makayla Mayor. "But then, I kind of mellowed out and said 'you know what? As long as I do my part, I wear my mask, I stay six feet apart from people, I should be ok.'"

Parents said they have been informed every step of the way to the point where some said they are not concerned about letting their child go to school.

"Goshen has been giving us almost weekly updates as far as what's been going on around here," said Joy Duvall, a parent of a Goshen College Freshman. "So, we feel very comfortable with the steps they have taken to keep the students and staff safe."

Classes are set to begin at Goshen College on Tuesday.

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