VIDEO: Jackie Walorski funeral at Granger Community Church

Live image from Granger Community Church

Pastor John Wilson of Radiant Church Michiana opens the service

Sr. Pastor Dr. Ted Bryant of Granger Community Church reads Jackie's obituary

Dean Swihart, Jackie's husband

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb

US Rep. Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader

US Rep. Steve Scalise, Minority Whip

US Rep. Ann Wagner

US Rep. Brad Wenstrup

Procession to the cemetery begins

Funeral procession travels under garrison flag

Those honoring Jackie Walorski Swihart line the procession route at Grissom Middle School 

Ceremony at Southlawn Cemetery

Three rifle volley

The funeral service for US Rep. Jackie Walorski Swihart began at 11 a.m. at Granger Community Church with opening statements and invocation by Pastor John Wilson of Radiant Church Michiana. [Watch live]

Following Pastor Wilson, Sr. Pastor of Granger Community Church Dr. Ted Bryant read the obituary.

Dean Swihart, Jackie's husband, then shared some personal thoughts and memories.

"Most of you know the public side of Jackie. But I got to know her and share her private side. At home Jackie was always singing and worshipping. And if I said a few words of a song, just in an expression or something, 15 minutes later, she was the, how did I used to say? The musical melody kleptomaniac. We would be driving somewhere in that car, and 15 minutes later she would be singing the song I had just mentioned three, three or four other words from. And I'd say to her, 'Do you know what you're singing?' 'Well, yeah.' 'Well, do you know why you're singing it?' 'Well, it just popped in my mind.' I said, 'No, you stole the melody. Because I mentioned the words to that song.'"

Swihart said she loved swimming in their backyard pool, their two dogs and her "chopper" bicycle.

"The last thing I have here to share is one thing that Jackie lacked was patience. Now, that was because her mind ran faster than what anybody could go to accomplish the things that she came up with. But she lacked patience. She didn't like it when we said it. She didn't like to wait for anything. And I think her impatience has been proved out today as she just had to beat us all to heaven," Swihart said.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb spoke about Jackie and her passion for America and Indiana. He said everyone stopped when she spoke - and she lit up every room.

"No words would be able to adequately express that moment of shock and abrupt disbelief, devastating grief when we all heard at that moment the terrible tragedy that took Jackie, Zach and Emma from us far too soon. But I know words can surely describe unanimously that Indiana and America lost one of our finest. And the two that surrounded her, that devoted their lives to making sure they could carry out her mission. When people from afar think about what makes Indiana so strong, they might reflexively go to our steel or limestone. I think about Jackie and her steel spine and that her word was always carved in stone. I think about her still visible footsteps that mapped out this monumental Earthly journey that she was now on her Heavenly one. And so even as the dark clouds of mourning hover over us, they cannot ever obscure the bright beacon of hope Jackie radiated as she walked in the room and people gravitated, it felt like the room titled in her direction. People wanted to hear what she had to say."

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy followed Gov. Holcomb and worked closely with Jackie.

"I've known Jackie for a decade and you'll hear how she lights up a room, and to be honest she doesn’t just do that - she runs the room. When I came in today I was saying a prayer to prepare for today for this moment because you have to understand with so many things that happen it was Jackie who gave me that extra spine you need. You didn’t know it, but she gave it to you. Dean, mom and the brothers spoke to all of us. Her brothers spoke about Jackie. Tears lead to laughter and it was Jackie getting us ready for today."

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise worked closely with Jackie.

"We all know that life is precious. But Jackie really understood how precious life was. She lived every day living out of faith and also carrying this spirit with her. As I got the shocking news, all of us weren’t ready for it but I thought of my memories of Jackie but one was all of the happiness," Scalise said. "When you were in her presence you felt something different something special. She lived her whole life that way."

US Rep. Ann Wagner of Missouri spoke of becoming an honorary Hoosier as Jackie's friend.

"It was January 3 2013 and the United States House of Representatives swore in three new Republican women, Ann Wagner of Missouri, and Susan Brooks, and Jackie Walorski of Indiana. We were a small sorority of only 19 Republican women serving in the 113th Congress, and we needed to stick together. I may not have been a Hoosier from Indiana, but Jackie and Susan quickly decided that a conservative Midwestern Show Me State girl was good enough for their ranks, and we became fast friends," Wagner said. "Dean, you were the love of her life. It was always Dean, Dean, Dean. She couldn't wait to get home to you and you were always there to greet her. Your support and boundless love enabled Jackie to fulfill her passion of service for others."

US Rep. Brad Wenstrup of Ohio also spoke at the service.

"Jackie was my battle buddy from day one. During votes we'd check on each other. How we voted and if we voted. Cause more than once she said "Brad you haven't voted get in there and vote." We worked on the VA committee together for years and later went to the Ways and Means Committee. We had so much in common, we represent the second district in our state. In redistricting in Ohio we went from 8 counties to 16. I said to Jackie "I'm going to have to get one of those RVs we talked about." We were passionate about veterans, police, and improving poverty," Wenstrup said. " Jackie Walorski did not waste one minute of her time on earth. I feel a void that will never go away. The empty seat next to me, her name on the board, or a joke I can't tell because it's an inside joke. Yet at the same time I feel completely fulfilled from the memories of our great friendship. Her earthly mission is complete but the positive effects of her work will never parish. She didn’t wait until the last minute to be good with God. She was good a long time ago. The devil of death cannot be the God of eternal life. Jackie flies with the angels, probably landing now and then to dip her feet in the pool."

Rep. Walorski's funeral was be followed by a procession to Southlawn Cemetery. It took approximately a half hour for the procession to travel from Cleveland Road to Capital/Elm to Kern. At Jackson and Elm roads, the procession went under a garrison flag between two fire trucks.

Members of the public lined the route to show their respect for the congresswoman.

Rep. Walorski's coffin will be transferred to a horse drawn funeral caisson to the burial site.

The US Army will perform a three rifle volley and Taps.

Drivers are encouraged to avoid the roads on the procession between 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. Thursday.


  • Congressman Brad Wenstrup
  • Danny Keiser
  • Al Tetzlaff
  • Chux Daniels
  • Robert Pungaru
  • Ryan Mangus
  • Kyle Smith
  • Officer Brad Holloman

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