Former patients sue Praxis Landmark Recovery

NOW: Former patients sue Praxis Landmark Recovery

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - A lawsuit has been officially filed against the Praxis Landmark Recovery Center. The eight-page lawsuit is claiming Praxis failed to provide adequate medical care to people who came to the center for addiction treatment. 

“Drugs are rampant in there and it’s a really dangerous place for me who suffers addiction.”

Connor Spachtholz is one of the nine plaintiffs now suing Praxis Landmark Recovery in Mishawaka. 

The lawsuit is broken down into four categories: endangerment, medical malpractice, negligence, and punitive damages.   

“These individuals were left in a room without a toilet for 24 hours. And that kind of conduct and neglect to basic human care, is just ridiculous.”   

Crossen Law Firm, LLC attorney Gina Koeneman says her firm got flooded with calls starting in June.

According to the lawsuit, employees at Praxis failed to adequately supervise patients, did not provide access to professionals, or properly treat the patients looking for help with addiction.   

“The individuals weren’t getting the prescriptions they needed. They weren’t able to speak with any kind of health care professional especially in a timely manner.”   

The third part of the lawsuit is negligence--claiming Praxis management knew what was going on---and kept taking on more low-income patients on Medicaid.

“This wasn’t a one-off mistake or accident. This was repeated extremely serious issues that kept happening. And no effort was made, to the best of our knowledge, made to fix any of this.”    

The lawsuit also claims Praxis took advantage of a vulnerable population.  They want to ensure the facility changes its practices--and hope the courts send a strong message.

“This accountability of these punitive damages is something we want to make sure the court awards a lot of so that it really, really punishes them in a monetary way for what they have done.”   

We reached out to Praxis for comment on the lawsuit today, but so far, no response.

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