Rain temporarily suspends play on day two of Senior PGA Championship

NOW: Rain temporarily suspends play on day two of Senior PGA Championship

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- After a hot start to the day, the committee suspended play from 3:20 p.m. until 4:50 p.m., but it didn’t change the results for the top three leaders, who capped their day off at 2 p.m. 

Overall, not much changed from round one to round two besides the last name of the leader. Day one was Richard Green. Day two, Richard Bland. 

Day two leaders are as followed: Richard Bland in first with -12, Scott Dunlap in second with -11, and Chris DiMarco in third with –9. 

Just a three-stroke difference between first and second. 

51-year-old Bland is competing in the Senior PGA Championship for the first time. In round one, Bland shot seven under par. Round two wasn’t as intended, but still enough to take the lead and finished with six birdies. 

“Probably wasn't as easy as it probably was yesterday. I kind of struggled a little bit on the greens with my pace. My strike was a little off. So, yeah, I was kind of struggling to get it to the hole on a few putts. I'll work on that a little bit this afternoon,” Bland said. 

After leaving a few opportunities on the green, Bland doesn’t plan on changing much going into day three. 

“The old cliche, just one shot at a time. Just each hole as it comes. Don't get too far ahead, like we always say,” Bland added. 

Although Bland’s score could have been better, it makes for a dramatic day three with Dunlap and DiMarco within striking range. 

“That's as good of golf as I've got. Obviously I won recently, so got a little bit of confidence, maybe figured a few things out,” Dunlap said.  

“But my track record around here has been a little wanting so I guess maybe I hadn't used up any of good golf. It's kind of all come out in these two rounds. See what we have left in the tank for the final two,” Dunlap added. 

After 36 holes, 86 of 156 players will be eliminated. Rules say if you aren’t in the top 70 or tied for 70th place at the end of round two, you will not participate in the final two days. 

Leaderboard and tee times are available here.

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