Take a Look: Exclusive video of fire at Cedar Glen apartments

Take a Look: Exclusive video of fire at Cedar Glen apartments

Take a Look (Exclusive Video)

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - A fire broke out at the Cedar Glen apartments Tuesday morning just before 10 a.m. The cause is unknown at this time as the South Bend Fire Department investigates. 

"When you got fire burning like that, you hope there’s nobody in there, that means we have to go in and rescue them, so, right now I don’t know if anyone was home," said Battalion Chief James Jones.

Firefighters arrived on scene to "heavy fire" coming out of the second floor of one Cedar Glen building. 

A Snapchat video from a viewer shows the bright orange flames and billowing black smoke rushing out of the windows. 

As Jones said, the fire easily could have been deadly if anyone was home, but thankfully no injuries have been reported. 

The building managers at Cedar Glen were unable to speak with ABC57 about Tuesday’s fire, but Jones said it took a lot of effort from firefighters. 

"I don’t want to say it was a typical fire, for those guys, but they were strained when they did it," Jones said. "They did a hell of a job, got water on the fire really quick, we got a good search, and it went just like we trained to do."

Neighbors told ABC57 the electric stoves above small ovens at Cedar Glen can catch fire quickly without proper ventilation, and they’re worried that’s what could have caused the fire. 

But to be clear, the cause of the fire is unknown as the department investigates.

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