City of Elkhart works to stop spread of virus

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – On Thursday, Oct. 1, City of Elkhart’s Mayor Roberson and his leadership team have taken the proactive step to close City Hall for deep cleaning. City Hall plans to reopen on Monday morning for regular business hours at 8:00 a.m.

This step was taken following the return of two positive COVID-19 test results.

These two employees attended the 2021 Budget Hearings at the Lerner Theatre on Saturday and all attendees have been sent for testing and will be working remotely until they receive their results.

Base on the proximity, PPE usage and sanitizing that was in place, the Mayor’s office is confident the risk of additional spread is low.

Mayor Roberson explained the importance of taking this virus seriously.

“This virus is with us and we must remain vigilant. None of us are immune and we have to continue to mask up, sanitize, and take this seriously. My staff are essential to this city and their health is my top concern,” said Mayor Roberson. “Thankfully, our infected staff members are mildly symptomatic and we will continue to hope and pray for their swift recovery. This is a bump in the road where we will take the necessary time to make sure everyone is healthy and get back to full fore as soon as possible.”

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