Bringing all abilities together for 'Rockin' Rockies'

PLYMOUTH, Ind.-- Bringing together special needs students for a day of fun, Plymouth High School hosted the third annual "Rockin' Rockies: Field Day of Champions."

The event started as a special needs prom over a decade ago but switched to a field day during the pandemic.

Well, the kids loved it so much, they haven't gone back to the dance.  Whether it's autism, down syndrome, or cerebral palsy, every community has folks who may not be able to do everything we're able to do. 

Friday made them the center of attention, bringing together people of different abilities from 12 area schools and one adult day center. 

Tammie Radican, Plymouth High School's Intense Interventions Teacher, organized the event.

"There's very few events that are only about this group," she explained.

More than 150 special needs students and adults came out for the field day.

"Inclusion is a byproduct of today but it's really about building community," Radican said.

From carnival games to a dunk tank, basketball, races, and a dance party.

Unifying folks with special needs with student volunteers, like freshman Waylon Pitts, and unified sports athletes.

"It gives them a chance to shine out, brighter than other kids," Pitts said. "I feel like sometimes they may be overlooked, and this just gives them a chance to be in the spotlight."

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