Amanda Blackburn's mom talks about her daughter's legacy a year after her death

On Friday Resonate Church of Indianapolis, the church Amanda and husband Davy Blackburn started rehearsed for a live recording at the First Baptist Church of Elkhart. 

The musicians played songs of hope and healing all in honor of the late Amanda Blackburn.
“Amanda’s last physical appearance was at Traders Point Park, her and her sister amber and their kids they were there the day before this all happened,” says Robin Byars, Amanda Blackburn’s mother.  
Byars says Amanda’s last smile documented is in a video taken by security cameras as Traders Point Park in Indianapolis.
The next day November 10 2015, the 28-year-old mother was shot in her home.

A year later, her family is clinging to memories and their faith.
“God has used people, through cards through letters and all kinds of ways people have reached out to us and felt our pain they have related to our pain and embraced us and loved us through it,” says Byars.
As the Byars get ready to honor Amanda’s life you can see the family is happy.
But Robin says they are nowhere near over their heartache, but Amanda’s legacy gives them strength.
“She was a lover and she loved us and we knew it. The things we know about Amanda which is her character her spiritual character are the things we are holding onto and we will tell Weston about it,” says Byars.

Weston is Amanda’s son. He is now two but with time and a loving family the toddler is joyous and curious.
“He was a little lost without his mommy, I mean she was just stolen away,” says Byars. 

A fund has been created in the honor of Amanda and Robin hopes one day the money from the fund could build an indoor park on the church grounds.
The Byars want to honor Amanda’s love for God and to thank the community for all their support.
“A verbal thank you doesn’t feel right but my heart has been touched literally people have breathed life into our bones and into our hearts, and I’m so thankful I have a whole new view on loss that I didn’t have before I’m more acquainted with pain then I’ve ever been before,” says Byars. 

The Elkhart Community Foundation is managing the Amanda Blackburn Byars Legacy Fund, to donate click here.

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