Voting initiative pushes for more secure elections

NOW: Voting initiative pushes for more secure elections

NILES, Mich.—A new ballot proposal in Michigan, “Promote the Vote 2022,” is pushing to ensure elections in the mitten state are more secure and accessible. The initiatives goal is to also modernize the elections and create a voting system that works for everyone.

This all started up in 2018, when Proposal 3 passed that November with the support of over 60 partner organizations and 125 grass root leaders. Proposal 3 was a common-sense approach to remove voting barriers and put voters first.

More than two-thirds of Michigan voters supported this, and 80 out of 83 counties voted in favor of it.

The new proposal’s highlights include:

  • A week of early voting
  • Public funding for postage for absentee ballots
  • Securing ballot drop boxes and ballot tracking
  • Providing additional time for military and overseas voters to return their absentee ballots
  • Allowing voters to request an absentee ballot for all future elections
  • Ensuring that elections are determined based solely on votes casted by voters in the election.

Promote the vote leaders say democracy works best when all voices are heard, and these are just many ways to ensure that.

5 different partners and experts with the initiative from across the state are laying out the long list of policies Monday morning starting at 10 AM via zoom. Community members are encouraged to participate to learn more about it, and join their mission.

You can join the virtual press conference and register now, by clicking here.

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