There’s a reason you’re sneezing this season

NOW: There’s a reason you’re sneezing this season

It’s that time of the year that those who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms are finding themselves grabbing the Kleenex and allergy medication just to get through the day.

"So this is really kind of the double whammy season right now because its towards the end of the tree season and its just the start of the grass season as well.. so you really have both allergies going right now. so those who have both allergies are really suffering this week.", said Dr. James Harris M.D an Allergist with the South Bend Clinic.

“You know feeling off too. That’s part of my symptoms,” said Ali Muhammad one man in Mishawaka suffering with seasonal allergies.

Those who fall victim to allergies across Michiana may notice feeling even more “off” this time around, on top of the dry eyes, sneezing and other symptoms.

"Allergies seem really simple to those who don’t have them…  but if you really have allergy problems... it causes all kinds of problems... it causes fatigue, lack of energy… you're more likely to get more infections... sinus infections ear infections... and just not perform as well.”, said Dr. Harris.

Specialists like Dr. James Harris M.D an Allergist with the South Bend Clinic say seasonal allergies are not something to be taken lightly, and those who struggle this time of year, know just how much they can hold you back.

Dr. Harris says the reason your symptoms may be hitting worse this time around is because it’s the end of tree pollen season, and the beginning of grass season so those who suffer from both could find themselves really struggling the next two weeks or so, but they don’t need too.

"The best advice I can give is to tell everyone they really don’t need to suffer... there is treatment available there is almost always something that will make you feel better, and clear your symptoms up,” he stated.

Adding, "you know do the best you can with over-the-counter medication. If that doesn’t work well for you, you can see your doctor for some more aggressive treatment rather it be prescription or otherwise".

That can vary from nasal sprays, to pills, even desensitizing allergy shots in the most extreme cases.

Grass season will go into the end of July and those suffering from seasonal allergies will catch a break until Ragweed Season rolls around in the fall.

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