St. Joseph County Humane Society receives outpouring of support

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind-- The St. Joseph County Humane Society asked for the public's help when one of its air conditioning units broke down and the public has responded.

There was concern the animals would suffer in the current heat, but they were able to provide temporary cooling.

After ABC57 and some other media reported the situation, the donations came rolling in.

Executive Director Genny Brown told ABC57 that as of 10:30 Friday morning they had received $5000 and were likely to get more.

They had estimated it would cost about $4000 to fix the air conditioning, but they were still waiting on some of the billing.

Brown said that any additional money they receive will go toward other maintenance issues.

"We are so appreciative to ABC57 and everyone for their support," said Brown.

If you want to help out or learn more, click here.

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