South Shore Line announces new trains, schedules to begin in May

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CHESTERTON, Ind. -- The South Shore Line announce on Thursday afternoon the implementation of a new train schedule that will begin on May 14.

South Shore officials say the new schedule is the result of the company's capital improvements to the track's infrastructure by the Double Track NWI project.

“The final completion of Double Track allows for the addition of 14 weekday trains, revised times, reduced travel times and new, limited-stop express service,” said Michael Noland, President of South Shore Line. “In addition to new weekday trains, portions of weekend train times have also been modified to reflect improved travel times.”

Highlights of the new service include:

  • Increased origination service out of the new Miller Station and new 11th St. (Michigan City) Station.
  • Increased morning and afternoon rush hour train time options.
  • New limited-stop express train service.
  • High-level platform ADA access at 11th St., Portage/Ogden Dunes, and Miller train stations.
  • Bikes on Trains has been expanded to include all trains, all year long, at existing bike stations. With the completion of Double Track and conclusion of long-term busing substitution, the following stations are now also bike stations: 11th St., Portage/Ogden Dunes, and Miller.

Officials say the new schedule will provide 53 trains to and from Chicago, with improvements to both express and local routes.

The new limited-stop express train service will offer the following travel times to Chicago:

  • Michigan City – 67 min.
  • Dune Park – 57 min.
  • Portage/Ogden Dunes – 51 min.
  • Gary (Miller) – 46 min.
  • South Bend – 109 min.

“We sincerely appreciate passengers’ patience and understanding throughout the construction, temporary busing, and schedule revisions required in order to reach substantial completion of the Double Track Project,” said Nicole Barker, Director of Capital Investment and Implementation/Double Track NWI Project Manager.

To view the full schedule of train times, visit:

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