South Bend Cubs hosts early job fair ahead of season

SOUTH BEND, Ind.,--Baseball season is fast approaching , so you'll want have your resume on deck. The South Bend Cubs are working to combat the labor shortage by hosting its job fair early.

Like many businesses, the South Bend Cubs has also been impacted by the labor shortage. The employment rate in Indiana has decreased over the past year, and many businesses are struggling to increase their employment.

With opening day less than two months away, the Cubs are getting ahead of the curve by hiring early.

Open positions include concessions, fan hosts, ticketing, parking lot attendants, and more.

With an ongoing labor shortage in the us, the South Bend Cubs may be working ahead of the curve, but South Bend Cubs President, Joe Hart, is incentivizing new employees, he’s had to bring out a big-ticket item.

While, of course employees will have tickets to see the south bend cubs play, but hart says they’re working on getting employees to Chicago Cubs games.

And if you’re hesitant about starting a job in a different field, don’t worry the Cubs have you covered. Hart says that luckily, he retains about seventy percent of his staff season to season, and they’re eager to help show the new folks the ropes.

“We have a good base. And those folks are great at teaching the new folks. So, if you’re wondering, well I don’t know what they do out there, that’s okay; we’ll teach you,” says Hart.

Like most businesses over the last year or so, the South Bend Cubs have felt the repercussions of not being fully-staffed, and Hart has a message for fans when that is the case.

While the Cubs typically retain around seventy percent of their staff, they should still be fully staffed to run a smooth operation. This may lead to longer wait times.

Hart says that he and his staff will put in extra work to ensure that guests receive great care at four winds field.

 “Last year was all-hands-on-deck. The front office staff at times, we went out and opened the concession stand to make sure that we were able to provide a great experience. For us, we'll continue to make sure that we can focus on providing that great experience, but I always ask for fans to be patient,” says Hart.

Nonprofit organizations often run the concession stands to raise money for their organization and are encouraged to sign up.

The job fair will be held her at four winds field from 5:30 to 7 pm February 15 and February 17. Details can be found here.

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