Seniors reflect on their time at Notre Dame ahead of graduation

NOW: Seniors reflect on their time at Notre Dame ahead of graduation

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The class of 2023 at the University of Notre Dame are now graduates and are looking forward to bright futures in the professional world.

With commencement weekend kicking off Friday, emotions were high for the soon-to-be graduates. 

“Well, it’s a mix of feelings to be honest," said senior Juan Llovet. "A little bit of excitement just to spend time with friends and just end up on a good note. Also, it’s a bit sad. It’s been a great four years to be honest and well, we’re just coming together one more time before we say goodbye and I hope we see each other soon.”

Fifth-year Jack Harrington, who is set to graduate from the College of Architecture, noted that while he's proud of his achievements, it was his professors who helped him walk across the big stage.

"A lot of them became some of my closest friends, and that is invaluable, and they taught me more than I ever thought that I would learn. And so, that was the biggest hallmark of my education, the professors.” said Harrington.

Several graduates were excited about what opportunities they'd earned while at Notre Dame, and were especially thankful for the alumni network, which operates less as a network, and more as a family.

"I think at Notre Dame in specific, it's an introduction into a family that you know, never ends." said senior Joshua Zhang.

Harrington echoed his statements. "It’s just a family. You hear that said a lot, and I used to think ‘Oh it’s a family - that’s kind of cheesy - that’s something they say to Notre Dame students because it’s kind of cute.’ but I found out it’s actually really true and it’s really powerful. It’s a close-knit community no matter where you are in the world.”

While commencement activities have been running all weekend, the official ceremony began at 9 a.m. on Sunday inside Notre Dame Stadium. 

More information on the commencement ceremony and its guest speakers can be found here

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