Residents feel unsafe with incomplete construction

NOW: Residents feel unsafe with incomplete construction

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The city began replacement of the roadways on Hancock and Arnold Street back in September, but now almost two months later construction is still at a halt.

Many residents are having to park blocks away from their homes and as winter approaches they’re concerned this site will last well into next year.

“I called Reith-Riley and didn’t get an answer right away, but a guy called me back and said someone would be out here within like the next 2 weeks and that was 2 weeks ago and no one has came," said Terell Sheinaul, a resident.

Sheinaul lives on Hancock, one of several roads that’s part of the city’s "Rebuilding our Streets" initiative. He says while the project seemed like progress, it’s caused more headaches than help for him and his neighbors.

“It’s treacherous walking through here. There’s holes, there’s real bad dips, and we have to walk through here to western in order to get in and out of our cars. My neighbors having a baby, there’s a guy across the street that’s going through dialysis so I know if I’m having a hard time, they’re having a hard time," said Sheinaul.

Those living on Hancock received a letter from Rieth Riley Construction back in September saying the project would be completed by mid-October, but the site was halted after crews hit a gas line.

Caleb Bauer, Director of Communications for the city, says they’ve been waiting on NIPSCO to lower the line in order to resume operations.

“Once that gas line is in the team will do its best to get the street completed and reopened soon after that," said Bauer.

ABC57 reached out to NIPSCO who confirmed their portion of the project is expected to be completed by next week on Wednesday, however, the city says residents shouldn’t expect it to be completed overnight.

"Any incomplete portions of street improvements that aren’t able to be completed prior to winter weather will be completed next year," said Bauer.

The city says you can check the status of any streets under construction here.

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