Penn High School wins IDOE Excellence in College Readiness Award

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - Penn High School was one of four recipients honored at the Indiana Educational Excellence Awards Gala on Friday night. 

They were rewarded with the 'Excellence in College Readiness' Award, which recognizes schools that demonstrate a commitment to preparing students for college. They were also awarded $250,000 grant for winning the award. 

For each of the past two years, Penn has the most students earning ICC (Indiana College Core) or AGS (Associate of General Studies) certificates earned in the entire state.

They also boasted a highly impressive 98% graduation rate last year, further cementing their status as one of the top schools in Indiana.

Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Jerry Thacker and the school's Principal Dr. Sean Galiher, Associate Principal Rachel Fry, Assistant Principals Josiah Parker and Jeannie Mitchell were all at the GALA to receive the award. 

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