Notre Dame vs. Michigan: Fighting Irish take the win

Photo by Vahid Sadrzadeh

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The fighting Irish faced rival Michigan Saturday night.

Notre Dame at No. 12 played Michigan, No. 14 in a highly anticipated game.

First Quarter

The Irish wasted no time putting points on the board.

Notre Dame’s Jafar Armstrong took a 13 yard run, untouched,  and the Irish got the first touchdown of the evening.

Michigan’s Josh Metellus was ejected from the game for targeting against Notre Dame. This came after a hit on Alize Mack of Notre Dame.

Soon after, Notre Dame found themselves in the end zone once again. Brandon Wimbush had a pass complete to Chris Finke for a 43 yard touchdown.

Notre Dame led 14 - 0 at the end of the first quarter. 

Second Quarter 

Notre dame defensive lineman, Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa injured on a play. Walked off the field with assistance. 

Quinn Nordin, kicker for Michigan gets a 28-yard field goal, putting Michigan on the board with 3 points. 

Notre Dame scores once again with a touchdown from to Jafar Armstrong, making the score 21 - 3 in favor of the Irish. 

Michigan then found themselves on the upswing with a 99 yard kickoff return touchdown by Ambry Thomas.

The score is 21 - 10 as Michigan gained some ground. 

Halftime: Notre Dame leads #Michigan 21-10.

Third Quarter 

Michigan starts the second half with a 52 yards deep ball from Shea Patterson to Nico Collins.

Holder from Michigan, Will Hart, does not get the snap and Michigan does not succeed with the field goal attempt.

Michigan's cornerback, Brandon Watson intercepted Notre Dame quarterback Brandon Wimbush and gave the Wolverines the ball.

Justin Yoon got a 48-yard field goal pushing Notre Dame's score to 24. 

Notre Dame was close to scoring their fourth touchdown but it was taken off the board due to and ineligible man down field.

The Irish took a field goal and the score stayed at 24 – 10, Notre Dame.

Fourth Quarter 

Quarterback for Michigan, Shea Patterson took an unknown injury and was replaced by Dylan McCaffrey. 

Patterson re-entered the game shortly after reports of an unknown injury.

Michigan scored a touchdown thanks to running back, Karan Higdon going up the middle for a three-yard score.

Michigan pulled closer to Notre Dame with 17 points, with roughly 2 minutes left to play.

With 2 minutes left in the game, Michigan tried to get the ball back. 

Shea Patterson fumbles the ball and Notre Dame recovered it. 

Time ran out and Notre Dame claimed victory over Michigan. 

The final score was 24 - 17, with Notre Dame coming out on top. 

Notre Dame Stadium

Notre Dame Stadium 

Photo by Vahid Sadrzadeh

Chris Finke

Chris Finke touchdown

Photo by Vahid Sadrzadeh‏ 

Notre Dame Stadium

Notre Dame Stadium 

Photo by Vahid Sadrzadeh

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