Notre Dame fans support the Irish from home

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Even though Notre Dame’s first game of the season was away, that didn’t stop the loyal Fighting Irish fans here in South Bend from celebrating the start of a great season!

All the way from South Bend, fans were cheering on the Fighting Irish for their first game of the season, the big matchup against Ohio State.

“I hope Notre Dame kicks the Buck’s butt!” says Angie Goens, a local Notre Dame fan.

Many took to local sports bars to watch the game and be surrounded by fellow Irish fans.

“It’s great to be with our friends and watch the opener of the Notre Dame game,” Goens says, joined by her friends Heather Birky and Angelina Rose. “Being local residents here this is a big deal for us.”

“It’s good to see a lot of fans here,” Rose chimes in.

The same goes for Notre Dame students, who say football season is their favorite season!

“It’s just like the community, everyone’s always really happy and excited,” says Amy Johnson, a Notre Dame sophomore. “Yeah the vibes, I feel like everyone is so nice, it’s just a good family community here in South Bend,” adds Ava Schuldt, another Notre Dame sophomore.

As the fans here ‘cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame’, they were hoping to see the Irish pull of a win to start the season off strong, but the Irish fell to the Buckeyes with a final score of 10-21.

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