New, local projector rental business puts some 'sunshine' on the viewing experience

NOW: New, local projector rental business puts some ’sunshine’ on the viewing experience

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Nothing makes people smile quite like sunshine, which is exactly what founder, Carolyn Evans, realized when she set out to help cultivate memories across Michiana.

Introducing Sunshine. The 1977 Volkswagen Bus is notorious for creating a smile wherever it goes which was part of the inspiration for Sunshine Picture Bus. It is a screen and projector rental company…with a twist.

Customers can rent Sunshine for an engaging viewing experience. The movie comes directly to you. The team sets up the bus, lights, a marquis, and an outdoor screen and sound system. Popcorn is an additional offer for those with a salty craving. 

The option is perfect for a fun family movie night, company outings, birthday parties, corporate events or even photographers rent the space for photoshoots. The Sunshine Picture Bus makes the experience you are looking for easy and exciting, allowing you and your loved ones to simply enjoy.

“When you book with us, we come in your backyard or driveway and do everything for you, we set up the bus, the marquis, the lights, the screen, the projector the sound, we have lanterns, we try to set up the entire experience for you so all you have to do is show up and make memories with family and friends,” says Evans.  

A type of sunshine you can enjoy under the stars. Sunshine Picture Bus gives viewers a movie experience unlike any other. Family gatherings can now be hassle free, as the Sunshine Project Bus does the work for you allowing the moment to be focused on the people and the memories.

“We all need a reason to create memories or we all need different ways to create memories, creating memories with our family and friends, and I think if we have all learned anything from COVID it is hold our loved ones close to us is. This is an opportunity to create memories together that will last a lifetime,” says Evans.   

The bus has a flat fee that covers a 15-mile radius along Niles, South Bend, Elkhart and Granger. Depending on where you want the bus to travel to – a travel fee outside of the radius is added.

Find the Sunshine Picture Bus’s information here.

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